EV Charging Stations & Alt Energy

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North Kansas City Electric provides alternative energy solutions for EV charging stations,  solar and wind. These technologies have advanced greatly in recent years becoming more cost-effective and widely accepted as a positive option for renewable clean energy while reducing overall energy cost in addition to many other advantages. Solar is the most commonly installed system and typically the best option for alternative energy. We install solar energy systems of every size and capacity and can design a custom solar energy system that will reduce your energy costs along with providing many other added advantages.

The process begins with discussing energy needs, current costs and usage patterns followed by providing a custom energy solution that maximizes your solar exposure while complimenting the aesthetics of your building and ultimately providing a solid return on your investment. We will also assist with starting the process to acquire all applicable incentives, tax and renewable energy credits including low-interest loans that may be available to help reduce your initial out-of-pocket cost.