Lighting Contracting Solutions

North Kansas City Electric provides solutions for all types of lighting needs while maximizing performance and minimizing both energy consumption and maintenance cost. Our technicians and project managers are highly skilled lighting specialists with a commitment to excellence. Proper lighting positively affects a buildings aesthetics, appearance, efficiency of productivity, security, and most importantly safety.

Get GREEN by going GREEN, there’s never been a better time to evaluate existing lighting and take advantage of both Federal tax credits (EPAct) and local utility rebates. In some cases we can achieve as much as a 50 to 65% reduction in KWH cost while improving light levels 15 to 20%. Typical average returns on investment are 18 – 24 months and occasionally even less. Many lights in use today including Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and T12 Fluorescent fixtures are out dated and technology of the past.

We offer scheduled lighting inspections, complete service and repair for all fixture types including interior/exterior building lighting, signs and parking lot lights.

Contact us for your lighting audit and learn more about possible savings with the latest energy efficient lighting options available today.

Our Lighting Services Include:

  •  Lighting Surveys & Audits
  •  Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting
  •  Occupancy Lighting Controls
  •  Retrofitting of Old Fixtures
  •  Lighting Maintenance Program
  •  Re-Lamping & Cleaning
  •  HID/Warehouse Lighting
  •  Office Lighting
  •  Retail Lighting
  •  Exterior Building Lighting
  •  Security Lighting
  •  Indirect Lighting
  •  Classroom Lighting
  •  Sports & Recreational Lighting
  •  Automobile Dealership Lighting
  •  Parking Lot & Site Lighting
  •  Fluorescent Dimming Controls
  •  Installations
  •  Removals
  •  Maintenance
  •  Testing & Repairing Faulty Lights
  •  Replacing Photo Electric Controls (PEC)
  •  Replacing Faulty Lamps
  •  Removing & Replacing Fixtures
  •  Replacing Ballast
  •  Replacing Fuses
  •  Replacement of Defective Sockets & Bases
  •  Replacement of Faulty Wiring
  •  Locating Underground Wiring & Feeders