Underground Services


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North Kansas City Electric offers a full range of underground services from directional boring, trenching and complete excavating needs. When possible, directional boring is the preferred method used today for installing most types of infrastructure i.e. electrical conduits, water, sewer, gas and oil lines. Directional boring also allows us the ability to avoid costly disruption to environmentally sensitive areas, roadways, railways, busy traffic areas, buildings, property, waterways, parking lots, etc. Ultimately directional boring is a cost-effective solution providing considerably faster installations minimizing costly repairs and or replacement of structures, pavement or landscaping.
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  • Tremendous savings are recognized when avoiding costly repairs or complete replacement
  • Safer jobsite, no massive open trenches and or deep excavations
  • Faster easier installation when boring under buildings, roads, railway, and waterways
  • Minimal impact or disruption on job sites and or to surrounding public areas
  • Greatly reduced restoration costs
  • Less disruption and cleaner job site’s
  • Water conditions above or below ground typically do not affect or delay the installation
  • Reduced installation time equals cost savings and improved schedule’s
  • No concerns with failing or sinking surfaces from backfilled trenches
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Considerably more durable installation plus a seamless conduit run